Funding Proposal Development

Tripal fully supports all community members who want to submit grant proposals for Tripal extensions. Extension development is outside the purview of the Tripal governance structure, although the Tripal Project Management Committee (TPMC) and Tripal Steering Committee (TSC) are available to help with grant submissions, through alignment with Tripal core long term goals, letters of support, etc.

PIs planning to write a grant that would fund any development related to Tripal core are strongly encouraged to engage the TPMC and TSC early in the planning process to ensure the grant aligns with the long term community goals. Any core development plans are still required to go through the Tripal governance structure. Specifically, only development approved by the TPMC and TSC will be implemented or accepted in core. PIs, especially if funded, are strongly encouraged to engage with the Tripal community and to request membership in the TPMC and/or TSC.