Module Setup


Remember you must set the $DRUPAL_HOME environment variable if you want to cut-and-paste the commands below. See DRUPAL_HOME Variable

For this example we will be load functional data for our gene. To do this we will use the Blast, KEGG, and InterPro extension modules. However, these extension modules are not part of the “core” Tripal package but are available as separate extensions. Anyone may create extensions for Tripal. These extensions are useful for genomic data and therefore are included in this tutorial.

To download these modules:

drush pm-download tripal_analysis_blast
drush pm-download tripal_analysis_interpro

Now, enable these extension modules:

drush pm-enable tripal_analysis_blast
drush pm-enable tripal_analysis_interpro

For this example, we will use the following files which are available for downloading:

Download these files to the `$DRUPAL_HOME/sites/default/files` directory. To do so quickly run these commands:

cd $DRUPAL_HOME/sites/default/files

Each of these modules provides new fields for both the gene and mRNA content types. To add these new field to those content types, navigate to Structure > Tripal Content Types and click the manage fields link in the row for the mRNA content type. Click the link titled Check for new fields. After a few moments the page will refresh and you will be notified that new fields have been added.


Next, we need to position the new field. Using the skills you learned in the Configuring Page Layout Create two new Tripal Panes named:

  • Blast Results
  • Protein Domains

Be sure to:

  • Place the new fields into each pane respectively
  • Move the Panes out of the disabled section.
  • Set the label for each field to Hidden.

The following shows an example of this layout:


The fields are now ready for display once data is added!


If you want both the Gene and mRNA content type to have BLAST, InterPro and KEGG result fields you must repeat the steps above for both.


Anytime you install a Tripal v3 extension module you should check for new fields, and then place those fields in the layout. Extension modules often will not do this for you because they do not assume you want these new fields.