Creating Custom Modules


This section is under construction

The Tripal API, in conjunction with the Drupal API allow developers to create their own modules that can “plug-in” with Tripal. Developers may create their own modules if they desire new or different functionality. A custom module can also be desired to house a sites “customizations.” The Tripal API provides an interface for module developers to interact with the Chado database as well as the other Tripal core functions such as jobs management, materialized views, in-house vocabularies, external database cross-references, properties, etc. An understanding of the Drupal API and Drupal module development is required.

Basic instructions for creating custom Drupal module can be found here: Before you can create custom modules that interact with Tripal, you should review those instructions and have practiced creating at least a simple module. Tripal follows Drupal module development rules and API.