Third-party Integration

The following modules provide integration with external third-party tools. For example, they may allow you to easily embed the tool in Drupal/Tripal pages and/or expose data from the tool on your Tripal site.

Tripal Blast

This module provides a basic interface to allow your users to utilize your server’s NCBI BLAST+. There is a simple interface allowing users to paste or upload a query sequence and then select from available databases and a tabular results listing with alignment information and multiple download formats (HTML, TSV, GFF3, XML) available.

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Tripal Galaxy

This module is for integration of Tripal and the Galaxy Project. It facilitates the creation of forms on your Tripal site that submit jobs to a galaxy instance.

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Tripal JBrowse

This module provides integration between Tripal sites and pre-existing GMOD JBrowse instances. It allows you to create pages on your Tripal site with an embedded JBrowse instance by filling out a simple form.

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VCF Filter

This modules provides a form interface so users can custom filter existing VCF files and export in a variety of formats. The form simply provides an interface to VCFtools and uses the Tripal Download API to provide the filtered file to the user.

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