In Development

The following modules are not yet ready for production or not fully Tripal 3 compatible.


TripalMap MapViewer module displays map data stored in Chado. MapViewer provides interfaces to view all linkage groups of a map, choose a linkage group and zoom in to a specific region of a linkage group, compare maps that share the same markers and change colors of markers/QTL. The interface can be integrated into Tripal map page and hyperlinked to/from any Tripal page that are displayed in maps (marker, QTL, heritable morphological marker and/or gene). The admin page allows site developers some flexibility in the display pattern.

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Tripal Apollo

Tripal Apollo lets you manage user accounts for your JBrowse Apollo instances on your Tripal site. Provides a form to request apollo access, an Apollo instance content type that connects to Chado Organisms, and an administrative interface for managing requests.

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