In Development

The following modules are not yet ready for production or not fully Tripal 3 compatible.

Tripal Apollo

Tripal Apollo lets you manage user accounts for your JBrowse Apollo instances on your Tripal site. Provides a form to request apollo access, an Apollo instance content type that connects to Chado Organisms, and an administrative interface for managing requests.

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Tripal Multi-Chado

The Multi-Chado module is an extension for Tripal 2.x and 3.x (dev branch under testing) that can be used to install more than one Chado instance across different schemata of your choice and it also enables the use of different PostgreSQL database credentials allowing the administrator to do fine tuning of database accesses. With it you can use a same Drupal instance for both a public and a private Chado instance, have different releases or separated species, provide a sandbox, run tests on a blank instance and more (dev-staging-prod, etc.).

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