The following modules provide support for loading annotation or analysis’ into Chado and displaying them on Tripal pages.

Tripal Analysis Expression

A module for loading, annotating, and visualizing NCBI Biomaterials and expression data.

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Tripal Analysis Blast

This module extends the Tripal Analysis Module and provides a method for loading XML results from the NCBI blast program. Blast results appear on each feature page.

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Tripal Analysis KEGG

This module provides a method for loading of KEGG ortholog assignments derived from the KEGG Automated Annotation Server (KAAS). KEGG assignments appear on each feature page, and a full KEGG report is available for browsing results once uploaded.


Tripal Analysis Interpro

This module provides a method for loading XML results from the InterProScan program. The module can load InterProScan XML v4 or InterProScan XML v5 generated from the command-line or web-based versions of InterProScan. Additionally, GO terms mapped by InterProScan can optionally be assigned to features.

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Tripal CV-Xray

Tripal CV-Xray maps content annotations onto controlled vocabulary trees. The end result is a browseable CV field that lets users explore ontologies and find associated content.

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