Adding your Module to this list!

We would love for you to contribute your own module to this list! This is done by creating a Pull Request (PR) to Tripal modify our documentation.


  1. From the current page, click the category in the list above that best fits your module.
  2. Click the “Edit on Github” link at the top of the page.
  3. Add your module using the following template.
Module Name

This module loads in X, Y, and Z.  It provides admin for A and B, and user area C.

`Documentation <>`__
`Repository <>`__
  1. Rate your module using the Tripal Module Rating System and mention in your PR description which requirements your module meets.


  • Make sure to follow alphabetical order when choosing where on the category page to add your module.
  • Please write two sentences MAXIMUM about the function of the module.
  • Include links to both the documentation (even if it’s your README) and the repository (e.g. Github, Gitlab)
  • If your module doesn’t fit well in any of the existing categories, still pick the best one but then feel free to suggest a new category in the PR description.
  • Extension Modules must be publicly available for download