Developer Tools

The following modules provide support to both core and extension Tripal developers.


TripalDock is a command line tool that helps with creating and running Tripal sites using Docker. This tool is designed for developers and is not suitable for production.

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Tripal Download API

This module provides an API for downloading Tripal/Chado data. Since download functionality is often sought after for Tripal sites and Views Data Export is not currently meeting our needs, this module aims to provide an API to aid module and site developers in making efficient, user friendly downloads available.

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Tripal D3.js API

Provides d3.js integration for Tripal. It provides an API for developing consistent biological diagrams with a common configuration, as well as, providing some common diagrams such as pie, bar, column and pedigree diagrams.

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Tripal Fields Generator

This is a CLI tool to help automate the generation of Tripal fields.

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Tripal Rapid Installer

Provides rapid installation of a Tripal site using Drush.

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Tripal Test Suite

Tripal Test Suite is a composer package that handles common test practices such as bootstrapping Drupal before running the tests, creating test file, creating and managing database seeders (files that seed the database with data for use in testing) and much more.

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